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MVR Ayurveda is named after our founder M.V. Raghavan, a veteran Communist leader and a former minister in Kerala, who was popularly known by the sobriquet MVR. A firebrand and most respected leader, MVR was the General Secretary of the Communist Marxist Party and a prominent leader of CPI(M).

Our Vision

The vision of our institute is to deliver unprecedented quality of Ayurveda wisdom, compassion, care and cure.

Our Mission

To achieve this vision, the institute has framed the following mission statements.

  • Impart Evidence and Science based Ayurveda knowledge to the students.
  • Highest class of education deliverance and relentless scientific updation.
  • Create an integrated system that meet the healthcare needs of the region and community.
  • To reach out and serve the less privileged with education and healthcare.
  • To be an active participant of the national healthcare system.
  • To ensure best manufacturing practices in medicines and all healthcare products
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Thriving Wellness Revolution

Unwavering Commitment and Enduring Excellence: Celebrating 50+ Years of MVR Ayurveda’s Legacy

The Pappinisseri Visha Chikitsa Kendram today stands as an ode to the resilience of one leader who wanted to provide immediate and accessible health care to the common man. In an age when death due to snake bites was a common affair, M.V. Raghavan, then Panchayath President, recognised the lacuna of a treatment facility that catered to snake bites exclusively.

The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park was established by Social activists lead by Hon. Ex-minister of state, M.V. Raghavan on January 8th, 1982. The snake park is an offshoot of Pappinisseri ‘Visha Chikitsa Kendra’ intended for Snake bite treatments which was established in the year 1964.

In the year of 1987, MVR Ayurveda Hospital was established as a single physician Ayurveda Clinic to meet the treatment requirements of the underprivileged in the district. Today, spanning over acres of lush green property, complete with an Ayurvedic Medical College, 100 bedded hospital- accredited to international standards with NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers ) , GMP licensed Pharmacy, state-of-the-art laboratories, XRay and USG diagnostic facilities, we are in the process of upgrading our institution to ISO accreditation.

GMP certified manufacturing unit ensuring quality products.. Medicine is one of the four pillars of treatment according to Ayurveda. Our medicines are a product of quality raw materials, precise manufacturing protocols and formulations of maximum efficacy

We are in the forefront of imparting the sum of this ancient knowledge as adapted to modern times, to fulfill the ancient words. MVR Ayurveda Medical College is One of the Best Ayurveda college in Kerala serving more than 18 years. Pappinisseri Panchayath Visha Chikitsa Society started functioning in January 1st 1964, as a charitable Institution headed by Sri. M.V. Raghavan, former Minister for Co-operation and Ports, Govt. of Kerala, the then president of Pappinisseri Grama Panchayath . By 1973 it got registered under charitable Societies Act and still functioning as such.

Ela (Leaf ) is a socially and environmentally conscious venture started in the year 2019 adjacent to MVR Ayurveda College, Hospital and Pharmacy. Keeping in mind the Farm to Table concept, the produce is sourced from the restaurant’s own farms in the nearby vicinity and even from the vegetable garden in the premises. The farm, set over one acre undertakes organic and responsible farming practices and some the products are available at Ela for purchase by the patrons.

With an exemplary background in Ayurvedic healthcare and education over 6 decades, MVR Ayurveda College Hospital is now expanding women oriented wellness to its new horizons. Wave – Ayurveda Cure and Care for Women, the brand new extension is an ultimate destination to explore the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda by facilitating customized treatments for the health and well being of women through integrating the principles of authentic Ayurveda, Cosmetology, Dietetics, Yoga and Counselling. This best women’s Health clinic in Kochi is a one stop destination for every woman’s therapeutic and wellness demand by focusing on the triad Healing, Rejuvenation and Beauty.

Established in 2022, MVR Life Science and Research Studies is a Life Science Education and research institution located on the campus of the MVR institution, Parassinikkadavu, Kannur, Kerala. The MVR Life science Institute brings together leading experts from a variety of life science disciplines, working with a range of innovation-driven education models and cutting-edge research tools, to accelerate the students skills that will broaden the understanding of the basic processes of life, which will ignite, inspire and innovate the young minds to build their future.

Services We Provide

Ayurveda Health Care

We provide healthcare services for multiple specialties including ortho- neuro, dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics, ENT, counseling, yoga, physiotherapy etc.

Ayurveda Education

We provide under-graduate and post graduate programs in Ayurveda and are currently recognized as a PhD Research Centre by Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Ayurveda Pharmacy

We manufacture over 300 products, and have multiple agencies, franchises, and supply healthcare products all over India.

Wildlife Infotainment

The only Ayurveda college in the world associated with a snake park and zoo, we offer scope for research in Agada Tantra and Mrigayurveda. The zoo is involved with rescue and conservation of the indigenous wildlife and conducts awareness programs for the public.

What people say?

First thing to say is MVR AYURVEDA is one of the best ayurvedic hospitals out there . I had a consultation session with Dr.Priyanka (gynaecologist). Before i took allopathy treatment the doctors just did some check up and prescribed the medicines ..but she really made me aware about my condition , gave me a proper diet chart and lots of advice for my health and how to overcome my health issues. I really had a great time and i wanna thank MVR Ayurvda and the doctors for their efforts even during this pandemic.
Anusree K.P
MVR Ayurveda Medical College Hospital
Good hospitality. Good doctors and excellent treatment. Have all kinds of ayurvedic treatment. Gives you a good environment feel
Dheeraj Narendran
MVR Ayurveda hospital
I am alive because of the doctors at MVR Ayurveda. It’s only because of their positive attitude towards the treatment that gave me hope. All other doctors had given up on me. The hospital has a beautiful and serene ambience. Thank you doctors for giving me a new life
Aditi Rai
MVR Ayurveda hospital
Well kept snake park and zoo with just about adequate fishes, animals, birds, snakes and reptiles. Kids will have a good time and will be an experience to see these creatures so close. Ice cream stall, gift shop and a small shop is available inside. One can easily kill 1-2hrs while here.
Arjun G.V
Snake Park
Loved this place. Calm and quite. Good food. Taste better. Even home delivery is there. Good service too.
Rineesh E.V
Ela Restaurant